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Best Fishing Podcasts And Shows

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Fishing podcast? Absolutely, it’s a real thing! If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely pondered over the idea of growing your very own fishing show or podcast. As a passionate fisherman and devoted podcast aficionado, I’ve voyaged deep into this sphere and spotted a tremendous potential for sustained expansion.

This article is your handy manual on “13 Essential Tips For Best Fishing Podcasts And Shows Growth”, carefully crafted from both expertise and meticulous research. Eager to spread your net far and wide? Well then, let’s dive right in!

Key Takeaways

  • Fishing podcasts are audio shows that provide tips and tricks about fishing, covering various topics such as gear, techniques, and specific types of fishing like bass or fly fishing.
  • Listening to fishing podcasts can be beneficial for both new and experienced anglers as they offer valuable advice and entertainment. They provide a mix of content that caters to different needs and even cover topics beyond just fishing tricks and tips.
  • Some popular fishing podcasts include Big Fish Podcast, The Blue Fish Radio Show, Tom Rowland Podcast, Ike Live Fishing Talk Show with Mike Iaconelli, Addicted Fishing Podcast, Bite Me | A Texas Saltwater Fishing Podcast, Cast and Crank SoCal Fishing Podcast, On The Water Podcast, Wknd Warriors Fishing Podcast, MidWest Outdoors Fishing Podcast| A Texas Saltwater Fishing Podcast,
  • To grow your own fishing podcast or show, it’s important to develop a niche audience by targeting a specific group of people within the fishing community. Creating original content that stands out from other shows is also key. Other strategies for growth include investing in high-quality audio and visuals, leveraging relationships with influencers, promoting your podcast through social media and contests, optimizing for search engines, advertising on other platforms,reviews monitoring,and engaging with your audience.

What are Fishing Podcasts?

Fishing podcasts are audio shows that you can listen to. They give tips and tricks about fishing. You can learn a lot from them. These shows talk about how to catch fish, what gear you need, and lots more.

Some focus on saltwater fishing while others cover bass or fly fishing.

Both new and old anglers find these podcasts helpful. They offer advice on many topics like inshore fishing, offshore fishing, and walleye fishing among others. Some popular ones include All Eyes on Fishing, The Big Fish Podcast, and the Tom Rowland Podcast.

So if you love angling or want to learn about it, these podcasts are for you!

Benefits of Listening to Fishing Podcasts

Fishing podcasts are a great tool for all who love to fish. There’s so much you can learn from them. They offer helpful tips on angling, fishing techniques, and gear reviews. Both newbies and seasoned anglers will find them useful.

Podcasts like the All Eyes on Fishing provide a mix of content that caters to every need. From learning fly fishing skills on Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast to enjoying fun stories on Ike Live, there is something for everyone.

Some shows even cover topics beyond just fishing tricks and tips, such as conservation and industry news with Fish Untamed or Captains Collective Fishing Podcasts respectively.

Plus, if you want some laughs while getting your info fix, many have comedic relief built into their format! So not only do you learn valuable information about your favorite hobby but also get entertained along the way! That’s indeed a double win for any enthusiast out there in this lovely world of ours brimming with bodies of water waiting to be explored! There’s no denying that these benefits truly make listening to fishing podcasts an enjoyable experience worth trying!

The Best Fishing Podcasts

Here are some of the best fishing podcasts that every angler should check out. From tips and tricks to gear reviews, these shows have it all. Read on to find your next favorite podcast!

Big Fish Podcast

Big Fish Podcast is a top pick for all anglers. It ranks among the best fishing podcasts to follow in 2023. In each show, you hear stories from both pro and everyday fishermen. They share their love for fishing.

Some topics include skiing, largemouth bass fishing, and charter fishing. You will even learn why big fish like big bait! Tune in to get tips on catching giant bluefin tuna or just enjoy some sea stories.

The Blue Fish Radio Show

The Blue Fish Radio Show is one of the best fishing podcasts out there. It has been running for five years and has produced over 250 episodes. The show focuses on sustainable fishing practices and brings attention to new techniques that are effective in catching fish while also being environmentally friendly.

Lawrence Gunther, the host, interviews fishing experts and discusses fish conservation, aquatic ecosystems, and preserving environments. Through these conversations, the show raises awareness about the importance of taking care of our waters.

It’s a great podcast for anyone interested in learning more about fishing and how to protect our marine resources.

Tom Rowland Podcast

The Tom Rowland Podcast is one of the best fishing podcasts out there. As a fishing enthusiast, you’ll love listening to this podcast because it explores success stories in fishing, hunting, outdoor activities, fitness, and entrepreneurship.

Tom Rowland himself is a fishing guide with experience in both fresh and saltwater. He later became an entrepreneur and now shares his knowledge through interviews with icons, athletes, leaders, and authors.

The podcast covers a wide range of fishing-related topics like gear, techniques, and industry insights. Give it a listen if you want to hear inspiring stories from the world of angling and gain valuable insights for your own fishing adventures.

Ike Live Fishing Talk Show with Mike Iaconelli

I host the “Ike Live Fishing Talk Show with Mike Iaconelli,” a popular fishing podcast that is part of the best fishing podcasts and shows for growth. As a BASS tournament angler, I bring my expertise and passion for fishing to the show.

We have engaging discussions about all things outdoors, sports, and even feature celebrity guests. The podcast is recorded and broadcasted live, adding an exciting element to our conversations.

Thanks to the support from Mystery Tackle Box, we continue to deliver high-quality content for fishing enthusiasts like you. Join us on Ike Live to stay informed and entertained in the world of bass tournament fishing!

Addicted Fishing Podcast

The Addicted Fishing Podcast is an amazing show that I highly recommend. It’s one of the top most popular fishing podcasts globally, out of millions of podcasts ranked by Listen Score.

The hosts of this podcast are fantastic and they really know their stuff when it comes to fishing. Not only do they have a podcast, but they also post daily YouTube videos and host a live Facebook interactive fishing show every Wednesday.

They cover a wide range of fishing topics, including steelhead, salmon, trout, walleye, and more. They provide valuable updates about fishing conditions and offer great techniques, tips, and tricks for different species of fish.

Bite Me | A Texas Saltwater Fishing Podcast

I host Bite Me, a Texas Saltwater Fishing Podcast along with Capt. Scott Null. Our podcast focuses on everything you need to know about saltwater fishing in Texas, both inshore and offshore.

We cover topics like the best fishing locations, different techniques for catching fish, understanding fish biology, how weather affects fishing conditions, and tips for selecting the right lures.

As part of the Texas Fishing Podcasts community, we aim to provide valuable insights and information for fishing enthusiasts who want to improve their skills and knowledge in saltwater fishing.

Cast and Crank SoCal Fishing Podcast

Cast and Crank SoCal Fishing Podcast is one of the best fishing podcasts out there. It covers everything you need to know about fishing, from gear reviews to techniques and strategies.

The hosts share their personal experiences and funny stories while giving valuable information about saltwater fishing. They also talk about jetty safety and provide insights on spotted bay bass.

If you want a podcast that is informative, entertaining, and full of useful tips for your next fishing trip, Cast and Crank SoCal Fishing Podcast is definitely worth checking out. You can also find them on Instagram with the username “cast_and_crank_podcast”.

On The Water Podcast

The On The Water Podcast is one of the best fishing podcasts out there. It’s a great resource for fishing enthusiasts who want to learn new tips and tricks, discover different angling techniques, and understand fish species and their behavior.

Hosted by experienced anglers, this podcast provides valuable insights on tackle and gear recommendations, as well as the best locations for fishing. Whether you’re into fly fishing, saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, kayak fishing, or even ice fishing, this podcast covers it all.

With its informative episodes and engaging hosts, the On The Water Podcast is sure to keep you entertained while also helping you become a better angler. So grab your headphones and get ready to dive into the exciting world of fishing with this fantastic podcast!

Wknd Warriors Fishing Podcast

The Wknd Warriors Fishing Podcast is hosted by Brandon Kayter and Logan Lewis, two passionate anglers dedicated to growing the sport of angling. This podcast is associated with some of the best fishing podcasts out there, making it a great resource for fishing enthusiasts.

On this show, you can expect to find essential tips for improving your fishing skills and promoting the sport. Brandon and Logan share their knowledge on various topics such as fishing techniques, promotions, and recommendations for other fishing shows.

So if you’re looking to expand your knowledge and connect with the angling community, give the Wknd Warriors Fishing Podcast a listen!

MidWest Outdoors Fishing Podcast

The MidWest Outdoors Fishing Podcast is one of the best fishing podcasts out there. You can find it on Apple Podcasts, and it covers everything you need to know about fishing in the Midwest region.

The podcast features interviews with legendary anglers and hunters, as well as outdoor celebrities who love spending time in nature. They discuss hunting and fishing stories, share useful tips and tricks, and provide valuable insights for listeners in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, this podcast is definitely worth checking out.

A fisherman with various appearances and gear stands by a peaceful lake while holding a fishing rod.

Tips for Growth of Fishing Podcasts

To ensure the growth of your fishing podcast, it is important to develop a niche audience and focus on creating original content that stands out from other shows. Additionally, investing in high-quality audio and visuals, leveraging relationships with influencers, and promoting your podcast through social media and contests can help increase listenership.

Don’t forget to optimize for search engines, advertise on other platforms, monitor ratings and reviews, and engage with your audience to create a loyal following.

Develop a niche audience

Finding and developing a niche audience is crucial for the growth of your fishing podcast. By targeting a specific group of people who share a common interest in fishing, you can create content that speaks directly to their needs and preferences.

This means focusing on a specialized demographic or unique focus within the fishing community. For example, you could cater to bass fishermen, fly-fishing enthusiasts, or even deep-sea anglers.

By narrowing your focus, you can provide content that is relevant and engaging for this specific audience. Tailor your episodes to cover topics that are of interest to them, such as techniques for catching certain fish species or interviews with experts in their field.

Having a dedicated group of listeners who are passionate about the subject matter will not only help establish your credibility but also increase word-of-mouth promotion as they share your podcast with others who have similar interests.

Focus on original content

Creating original content is crucial for the growth of your fishing podcast. By offering unique and engaging episodes, you can attract and retain a dedicated audience. Develop interesting topics that haven’t been covered extensively in other shows to stand out in the podcast industry.

Craft compelling scripts that captivate listeners and keep them coming back for more. Remember, high-quality content is key to retaining a loyal audience and making your fishing podcast a standout success.

Invest in high-quality audio and visuals

Investing in high-quality audio and visuals is crucial for the growth of fishing podcasts. Good sound quality makes the podcast more enjoyable to listen to, with clear and professional sound that engages the audience.

By having enhanced visuals, like well-designed cover art and promotional graphics, you can create a strong brand identity and attract new listeners. When you invest in professional equipment and software, it improves the overall audio quality and production value of your podcast.

This attracts more people to listen because they know they are getting a high-quality experience. So don’t underestimate the power of investing in top-notch audio and visuals for your fishing podcast!

A tranquil river with vibrant surroundings and people engaged in various activities.

Leverage relationships with influencers

Building relationships with influencers is a powerful way to grow your fishing podcast. By collaborating and partnering with influencers in the fishing industry, you can expand your reach and gain access to their audience.

Influencers have established credibility and a strong following, making them valuable partners for promoting your podcast. Through partnerships and networking, you can tap into new audiences who are interested in fishing content.

Engaging with influencers also allows you to learn from their experiences and expertise, helping you improve the quality of your podcast. By leveraging relationships with influencers, you can effectively market and brand your podcast to a broader audience of fishing enthusiasts.

Leverage social media to promote your podcasts

To grow your fishing podcast, it’s important to use social media to promote your show. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are valuable tools for reaching new listeners and engaging with your existing audience.

By creating interesting and shareable content related to your episodes, you can increase brand awareness and visibility.

One way to leverage social media is by targeting specific demographics of fishing enthusiasts who would be interested in your podcast. For example, you can join fishing groups or communities on Facebook and participate in conversations related to the topics you cover in your show.

This allows you to directly engage with potential listeners and promote your podcast.

Another effective strategy is using hashtags relevant to fishing podcasts when posting about your episodes on social media. This helps attract attention from people who are searching for content related to fishing or podcasts in general.

Additionally, creating eye-catching images with pull quotes from your episodes can grab attention as people scroll through their feeds.

Launch contests and giveaways

One effective way to grow your fishing podcast is by launching contests and giveaways. These promotions can help attract new listeners and engage with your existing audience. By offering exciting prizes related to fishing, you create an incentive for people to tune in and participate.

Contests can range from trivia questions to photo or video competitions, while giveaways can involve free merchandise or exclusive experiences. These activities not only increase the visibility of your podcast but also build a loyal community around it.

To make the most of contests and giveaways, remember to promote them on social media and other platforms, monitor ratings and reviews, and actively engage with your listeners.

Optimize for search engines

To make sure your fishing podcast gets noticed by more people, it’s important to optimize it for search engines. This means doing some research on keywords related to fishing and incorporating them naturally into your podcast titles, descriptions, and show notes.

While SEO is essential, remember that creating quality content should be your main focus. By producing valuable and engaging episodes, you’ll attract a loyal audience who will help spread the word about your podcast.

Don’t forget to create a dedicated website or page for your podcast so that search engines can index and display it in relevant search results.

Advertise your podcast on other platforms

One effective strategy to grow your fishing podcast is to advertise it on other platforms. By reaching out to other podcasts or publications, you can increase the visibility and reach of your show.

Cross-promoting with similar podcasts is a proven strategy to attract more listeners. Additionally, utilizing social media platforms can be an effective way to promote your podcast and reach a wider audience.

By showcasing your episodes on different platforms and engaging with potential listeners, you can gain more exposure and ultimately grow your audience. So don’t hesitate to explore advertising opportunities on other platforms for maximum visibility and growth!

Monitor podcast ratings and reviews

As a fishing enthusiast, it’s important to monitor podcast ratings and reviews. By doing this, you can get valuable insights into what other listeners think about the fishing podcasts you enjoy.

Ratings and reviews can help you discover new shows that are highly recommended by others in the fishing community. It’s also a way to provide feedback to podcast creators, letting them know what you like or don’t like about their content.

So make sure to check out the ratings and reviews of your favorite fishing podcasts regularly to stay informed and be part of the conversation!

Engage with your audience

To make your fishing podcast captivating and interactive, it’s important to engage with your audience. Get them involved in the conversation by asking for their opinions and experiences.

You can do this by including listener questions or conducting interviews with fellow fishing enthusiasts. This will create a sense of community and keep your listeners coming back for more.

Additionally, make sure to respond to comments and messages from your audience on social media or through email. Show them that you value their input and appreciate their support. By actively engaging with your audience, you’ll build a loyal following who will be eager to listen to each new episode of your podcast.

Podcasting Equipment & Software

As a fishing enthusiast, you want to make sure that your podcast sounds professional and high-quality. That’s why it’s important to have the right podcasting equipment and software.

Luckily, there are affordable options available for beginners like us.

When it comes to recording devices, you can start with a USB microphone that connects directly to your computer. This is a budget-friendly option that still offers good sound quality.

As for audio equipment, headphones are essential for monitoring your recordings and making sure everything sounds just right.

When it comes to editing tools, there are plenty of user-friendly software options available. You don’t have to be an expert in audio editing to use them. Some popular choices include Audacity (which is free) and Adobe Audition (which has more advanced features).

Microphone options can vary depending on your needs and budget. There are dynamic microphones that work well in noisy environments and condenser microphones that offer higher sensitivity for capturing subtle details.

Headphone choices also depend on personal preference but look for ones with good sound isolation so you can focus on the recording without distractions.

Overall, finding the right podcasting equipment doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive. Start with budget-friendly options and gradually upgrade as your show grows!

How to Record Your Podcast

Recording a podcast can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here are some tips to help you record your fishing podcast:

  1. Invest in high – quality audio recording equipment, such as a microphone, headphones, and an audio interface. This will ensure clear and professional sound quality.
  2. Find a quiet room or space to record in. You can improve the sound quality by using soundproofing materials or choosing a location with minimal background noise.
  3. Prepare your voice before recording. Warm up your vocal cords by doing some simple exercises like humming or tongue twisters. Drink water to stay hydrated and avoid vocal strain.
  4. If you have guests on your podcast, make sure they are comfortable and prepared for the recording session. Provide them with any necessary information or topics of discussion ahead of time.
  5. Have an editing process in place to enhance the overall quality of your podcast. Remove any mistakes or background noise, and consider adding music or sound effects to enhance the listening experience.
  6. Keep your audience engaged by talking about topics that interest them and pertain to fishing. Consider their feedback and suggestions for future episodes.
  7. Set up a quiet room for recording, use good quality equipment, warm up your voice, prepare guests beforehand, edit the recordings properly & engage with listeners – these steps can all contribute towards creating a fantastic fishing podcast for your audience to enjoy!

How to Publish Your Podcast

Publishing your podcast is an important step towards sharing your fishing knowledge with others. Here are the steps to help you publish your podcast successfully:

  1. Choose a podcast hosting platform: Select a reliable platform like Libsyn, Anchor, or Podbean that will host and distribute your podcast episodes.
  2. Create an account: Sign up for an account on your chosen hosting platform and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your podcast profile.
  3. Prepare your episodes: Make sure you have recorded and edited your podcast episodes before publishing. Ensure they are saved in a compatible audio file format (MP3 is commonly used).
  4. Upload your episodes: Use the hosting platform’s interface to upload each episode file. Fill in relevant details like episode titles, descriptions, and tags for better discoverability.
  5. Add show notes: Write detailed show notes for each episode that provide a summary of what listeners can expect from the episode. Include any additional resources or links mentioned during the conversation.
  6. Set release schedule: Decide on the frequency of releasing new episodes (e.g., weekly, bi-weekly) and set a consistent schedule to keep your audience engaged.
  7. Submit to directories: Submit your podcast’s RSS feed (provided by the hosting platform) to popular directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher. This ensures wider distribution and accessibility for potential listeners.
  8. Create cover art: Design eye-catching cover art that represents your fishing podcast visually and attracts potential listeners browsing through directories.
  9. Optimize metadata: Pay attention to metadata such as episode titles and descriptions, utilizing relevant keywords from [KEYWORDS]. This helps improve search visibility within podcast platforms.
  10. Review before publishing: Double-check each episode’s quality by listening to it in its entirety before hitting the publish button.
  11. Publish & share on social media: Once everything looks good, publish your episodes on your chosen hosting platform. Then, share your episodes on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and relevant fishing forums to increase awareness.

How to Promote Your Podcast

Promoting your fishing podcast is key to gaining exposure and growing your listener base. Here are some effective ways to promote your podcast:

  1. Engage with Your Audience: Interact with your listeners on social media, respond to comments and questions, and create a community around your podcast.
  2. Leverage Social Media: Utilize platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to share episodes, behind-the-scenes content, and updates about upcoming episodes.
  3. Collaborate with Influencers: Partner with fishing influencers or experts in the industry to gain access to their audience and promote your podcast through guest appearances or shoutouts.
  4. Repurpose Content: Take advantage of other platforms by repurposing your podcast content as blog posts, videos, or snippets to reach a wider audience.
  5. Email Marketing: Notify your subscribers about new episodes through email newsletters, offering exclusive content or bonus material as an incentive for them to listen.
  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimize your podcast titles, descriptions, and show notes with relevant keywords to improve visibility on search engines like Google or Apple Podcasts.
  7. Cross-Promotion: Advertise your podcast on other podcasts or platforms that have a similar target audience to attract new listeners who are interested in fishing-related content.
  8. Contests and Giveaways: Launch contests or giveaways where listeners can win fishing gear or exclusive experiences by sharing or reviewing your podcast.
  9. Networking Events: Attend fishing expos, conventions, or local events where you can connect with fellow anglers and promote your podcast in person.

Conclusion on Tips For Best Fishing Podcasts

In conclusion, these 13 essential tips can help you grow your fishing podcast and reach a larger audience. By focusing on original content, leveraging relationships with influencers, and promoting your podcast through social media and other platforms, you can increase listenership and engagement.

Remember to invest in high-quality audio and visuals, optimize for search engines, monitor ratings and reviews, and engage with your audience to create a successful fishing podcast that anglers will love.

Happy fishing!

FAQs on Tips For Best Fishing Podcasts

1. Where can I find the best fishing podcasts and shows?

You can find the best fishing podcasts and shows on popular podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or by doing a simple internet search.

2. How can I make my fishing podcast or show grow?

To make your fishing podcast or show grow, focus on creating high-quality content with valuable information, engaging guests, promoting it through social media and online communities, and consistently releasing new episodes.

3. What are some essential tips for hosting a successful fishing podcast or show?

Some essential tips for hosting a successful fishing podcast or show include having a clear niche/topic, inviting knowledgeable guests, improving audio quality, engaging with listeners through comments/messages/email, and constantly seeking feedback to improve.

4. Can I monetize my fishing podcast or show?

Yes, you can monetize your fishing podcast or show through sponsorships/advertisements from relevant brands in the industry as well as by offering premium content/episodes for paid subscribers.

5. Is it necessary to have fancy equipment to start a fishing podcast or show?

No, it is not necessary to have fancy equipment to start a fishing podcast or show. A good quality microphone and basic recording/editing software are sufficient to begin producing content.

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