What Fish are in Season to Catch?

By Richard | Fishing Advice

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Do you find yourself a victim of everyday stress? It is quite common and the fast-paced lifestyle that we are living is not for everyone. Still, it seems that we just can’t escape it. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean you can’t manage it and adjust it according to your daily routine. Getting rid of the daily stress can be as easy as going out for a weekend fishing trip or morning session.

Fishing is becoming more popular, as people all over the world, especially in the US and Europe, spending their hours waiting to catch their biggest trophy, take a photo, and release it back to where it belongs. Some prefer to catch fish for dinner as part of a camping trip — that is great too!

There are a few good things about fishing. Firstly, you don’t need to invest a lot of gear apart from getting a proper fishing rod, reel, and some live or artificial bait. Along with that, it is an activity that you can perform throughout the year.

In the majority of the popular fishing destinations, you can go fishing for all 12 months of the year. What you should know is that the species you will be able to catch does vary according to the weather, seasons, and current water levels. Bearing this in mind, let’s check out what fish are in season to catch.

The Difference Between Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing Seasons

There are a lot of differences between freshwater and saltwater fishing. Apart from the relevant equipment that you need to invest in, seasons differ as well. Taking into consideration the weather conditions and water levels that affect it, freshwaters have more stable and universal fishing seasons, as most of the common species are present throughout all 12 months of the year.

On the other hand, fishing in saltwater does vary, as during the late autumn and early winter months, tuna and salmon are the most commonly found, while fish like amberjack and marlin are more common in the early spring and summer months.

Still, this all depends on the region we are talking about, as Florida doesn’t have the same season as Wales, for example. In order to come to a somewhat universal conclusion, we will take average temperatures and water levels into consideration when talking about what fish are in season to catch.

The Common Fish to Catch During Spring and Summer

During the summer months, it is important to prepare yourself and know what kind of equipment and bait you should bring on your fishing trip; this mostly depends on the species you will be fishing for.

Let’s take Florida as a destination and consider both the north and south parts of it. As of May, it seems that species like bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, and catfish are going to be the most present. Additionally, peacock fish will be quite common in the south part of Florida. June, July, and August are quite similar, with the exception of bass, that seems to be missing from the list. Still, you will be facing a higher population of red ears and catfish at this time.

Our Recommendations

Although the above-mentioned species seem to be most popular in the Florida region, there are a few more that will be present in the summer throughout freshwater regions. Bearing this in mind, we came up with a top 5 list.

First, carp will be quite common, mostly looking for protein-based bait as a part of its active lifestyle. Along with that, catfish, looking for a cool water environment, will be present throughout the summer, with the best time to catch it being early morning or late evening. Bass will be looking for shallow freshwater, while you should expect trout in the waters that range between 50° and 68° Fahrenheit. Last but not least, if you are a fan of crappies, there will be a bunch of them to be found as long as you fish in a shallow water environment during the late evening hours.


Fishing seasons vary and what fish are in season depends on whether you fish in saltwater or a freshwater environment, as well as where you will be fishing. Still, certain species are sure to be present no matter what region you are in. It would appear that catfish, bass, trout, and bluegills will be easy to find no matter where you are, so prepare your rod, reel, bait, and cast that line to catch your next trophy.

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