Wally Marshall Pro Series Crappie Rods Review 

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Wally Marshall Pro Series Crappie Rod
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Quick Overview






  • Reliable and flexible design
  • Reliable and flexible designIM8 graphite construction for sensitivity
  • Long cork handle for a secure grip and control
  • Stainless steel guides
  • Available in eight inches to 12 inches options


  • Long rods require plenty of fishing space for casting
  • Two-piece rod demands some time to set up

Crappies are an attractive catch for anglers throughout North American lakes and rivers.

These freshwater fish are a popular game due to their savory white meat. They often group up in one place, too, which makes them a somewhat predictable catch.

What can be more pleasing than fishing with a good quality rod that increases your chances of catching crappies?

Today, we introduce you to one crappie rod that will show you a whole new world of crappie fishing.

This Wally Marshall Pro Series Crappie Rods review will show you how you can maximize your chances of snaring crappies.

Wally Marshall Pro Series Crappie Rods Review

Although crappies are in abundance in US waters, you need to invest in the right rod to make it a worthy catch.

A suitable rod and reel can significantly increase your chances of catching a big batch of crappies in one session.

The Wally Marshall Pro Series Crappie Rods are perfect for crappie fishing all season round, and here’s why.

These Pro Series rods are lightweight with full graphite construction that works well for crappie fishing. The lightweight design lets you detect even the smallest tugs from little fishes.

With this rod, you can feel every thump in the water so that you can fish every size of crappie without any trouble.

We particularly like the graphite reel seats in the Wally Marshall Pro Rods, which add extra sensitivity to them as compared to other rods.

These lightweight rods with medium-light power provide perfect action to shoot precise lures at a distance.

Since the chances of large crappie damaging your rod are minimal, you don't have to worry about the strength too much.

Who Is This Product For?

The Wally Marshall Pro Rods are for everyone looking for a painless fishing adventure.

Their ultra-light backbone makes them a good option for shooting precise and accurate lures.

They come in eight inches to 12 inches lengths, which, paired with a lightweight rod, are perfect for longer casting.

They will work nicely for fishers who have plenty of fishing space to swing the long rod.

With the Pro Series Rod, you can cast the rod along a shoreline, around docks, or in open water.

For beginners, it might take some time to set up the rod as it comes in two pieces. Still, we're not saying it's hard at all.

Plus, you can easily swing the rod for effortless casting, which is a plus.

If you are a serious crappie hunter, Wally Marshall Pro Rods will give you superior quality at an affordable price. That’s not a bad deal at all if you ask us.

What's Included?

Inside the box, you will find the Wally Marshall Pro Series two-piece spinning rods.

The main rod has a graphite construction with premium cork handles and stainless steel guides. Then, there is an extension rod with guides that can be used with all types of lines.

The length can vary from eight to 12 inches according to your preference.

Overview of the Features

Next in our Pro Series Crappie Rods review are some of the distinct features of the Pro Series that make it a popular choice among crappie anglers.

Lew's Pro Series Rods offer the perfect weight, sensitivity, and grip at an affordable price.

The Wally Marshall Pro Series Crappie Rods feature premium IM8 graphite blanks and graphite reel seats for fail-safe design.

Although graphite is not the most robust material, it works well for crappies.

The lightweight construction makes the rod super sensitive, so you can feel every little tug. It will also make casting more relaxed and smooth for every fisherman.

Furthermore, the guides on the rod are made from stainless steel, which is smooth and reliable.

Aside from that, you will find a cork handle with Duracork accents that gives you more control and grip while casting and retrieving.

In essence, you can use the Wally Marshall Pro Series Crappie Rods for dock shooting, dipping, and all other ways to catch crappies.

How to Get the Most Out of the Wally Marshall Pro Series Crappie Rod

Although a crappie rod is specially made to fish for crappies, you can angle other freshwater fish with it, as well.

To get started, pair your rod with a fishing reel that best suits your purpose. The best fishing reel combos will ensure a successful freshwater fishing adventure.

A durable fishing line, some hooks, and lures are all you need to get all set.

Find out how to get the most out of your Wally Marshall Pro Series Crappie Rod here.


If you have made it this far into our Pro Series Crappie Rods review, but you're still confused, don't fret. Here's an alternative fishing rod to give you a better view of your options.

The Cadence Spinning Rod is available in smaller sizes, ranging from six to seven inches, which are reasonable length options for smaller fishing spaces.

The one-piece or two-piece rods feature a 30-ton carbon graphite blank that offers durability and sensitivity.

One-piece options are suitable for fishermen who don't have to carry the rod or fit it into car trunks.

On the downside, the Cadence Spinning Rod is prone to breakage. Hence, it is only suitable for light usage.

It might also cost you a little more than the Wally Marshall Pro Series Crappie Rods.


To sum up our Wally Marshall Pro Series Crappie Rods review, we found that the Pro Series Rods are an excellent option for fishing freshwater crappies and other similar species.

Its lightweight, two-piece design makes the rod easy to handle, but it might take a bit of time to set it up.

What’s clear, though, is that these rods are suitable for beginner and advanced fishers seeking crappies that are overflowing in the American waters.

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