Quantum Fishing Reel Review

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quantum fishing reel review
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  • Smooth retrieval
  • Huge drag
  • High-quality materials
  • Exceptional water protection
  • Service port


  • No ceramic bearing found
  • Not completely sealed

There is a significant population of anglers for saltwater fishing who like to use Quantum fishing reels. After all, these boast a closed but powerful drag system fitted with corrosion-resistant bearings that will last a long time. This Quantum fishing reel review aims to prove just that.

Some manufacturers would redesign their product but will not change its name so the consumers will not get confused. That is what happened with this fishing reel. The company decided to keep its name even though the product was upgraded completely.

Quantum Fishing Reel Review

The latest version of the Quantum fishing reel has a new design meant for inshore saltwater anglers. The Cabo 50 has a big spinning reel that can deal with big fishes with ease and smoothness.

The coil is made of aluminum for both body and side cover, plus eight pieces of PT bearings and several layers of SaltGuard II coating.

This Quantum Cabo fishing reel can hold 225 yards of 12-pound monofilament, which is equivalent to 300 meters of a 15-kilogram braided line and has a continuous auto-reverse capability.

This version of the Cabo 50 fishing reel has a trendy and modern look after it has been redesigned. It was made to look lightweight, but it still feels sturdy and stable when held.

Who Is This Product For?

This fishing reel is perfect for those who use slow drag reels and love to catch big fishes in saltwater. It is primarily designed for serious saltwater fishing, targeting large fishes.

Each fishing reel has been Performance Tuned before being released to the market. You can use the fishing reel while on a boat or the beach.

Beginners can also use this fishing reel because it is easy to manage. The skills and techniques that you need to master in spin fishing are elementary to learn.

What's Included?

You will get one Quantum Cabo PT spin reel upon purchase of the product.

Overview of Features

Threading is another name for spin fishing. They use lures that replicate small fish to catch trout. Spin fishing using a floating bait can help you catch fish in both freshwater and saltwater. More than that, you need a quality reel like the Cabo 50. Here’s what you’d get to enjoy when you invest in this product:

  • Alloy Body and Side Cover

The body of this fishing reel, along with its side cover, is made of the alloy material called SCR. It is initially intended for marine use since this material can withstand pressure, heat, and any twist and turn that may shorten its lifespan.

  • Rotors

The smaller fishing reel models have the carbon fiber composite rotor. The bigger ones use the same alloy material used for the body.

  • Bearings

The fishing reel is fitted with eight Performance Tuned bearings, which are made of stainless steel ceramic material for smooth retrieval and protection against corrosion. It also has an anti-reverse bearing to ensure that you have a perfect and reliable hook up.

  • Drag

Carbon fiber washers are stack on top of the spool, while stainless steel washers are inserted in between. The number of disks would depend on the size of the reel.

Smaller fishing reels have five washers while the bigger ones have seven. A much larger washer is placed under the spool. These washers provide a smooth and steady pull.

  • Bail System

Titanium Magnetic or TiMag is used for the bail system to ensure that a magnet securely holds the bail during casting. This set-up assures us that the bail system will not trip and stop the cast.

  • Line Management System

There is a ball bearing that lines the roller that, when partnered with the titanium bail system, provides a smooth line back into the reel.

  • SaltGuard 2.0

Multiple layers of coatings will protect your fishing reel from any damage and corrosion from the harmful elements of the salt water, so it will last longer.

  • Gears

The drive gear of this fishing reel is divided into two pieces. The principal equipment is said to be forged stainless steel but looks more like a cast stainless. The second gear is the drive gear, which is attached to the shaft.

  • Handle Knobs

The knobs for the smaller fishing reel models are permanently attached to the handle. The larger fishing reel models have removable knobs, so you can replace it with a different kind that is more powerful than the default knob.


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This fishing reel has a lot of different models, from lightweight to a much bigger one that is designed for catching small to big fish. This fishing reel has soft knobs that let you handle it with ease.

The other Penn ll fishing reel models have been upgraded for durability and smoothness. These reels are available in both left- and right-hand orientations with the front drag type. The metallic body of the fishing reel adds support every time you handle heavy loads. It also helps in aligning the gear accurately.

Another anglers' favorite fishing reel is the Shimano Stradic C14+. It has good looks and a smooth reeling action. It may be lightweight, but this fishing reel has the toughness and durability that most anglers are looking for. Its line management system offers superior casting abilities.

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Fishing is considered as one of the well-loved hobby or sports. Spin fishing is one of the most straightforward techniques used by so many people.

Once again, this Quantum fishing reel review has proven that this brand can produce high-quality reels at affordable prices. So, the next time you are on the hunt for quality reels but has a limited budget, it's time to take a closer look at the wide selection of fishing reels from Quantum.

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