Piscifun Reel Review

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piscifun reel review
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  • Noise-free gear
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Accurate operation


  • Not suitable for heavy rods
  • Inconsistent drag
  • Grinding gears

With so many fishing equipment available in the market today, it isn't easy to choose the right one for your needs. There are a lot of things to take into consideration before you finally decide to buy that specific product.

This Piscifun reel review aims to help you know more about the product and verify if it's the one that you need for your next fishing adventure.

Piscifun Reel

The Torrent model of Piscifun's baiting reels is different from other fishing reels in such a way that its gear is much bigger than the ordinary type. This durable baitcasting reel has quick equipment that allows you to reel in your catch faster.

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Who Is This Product For?

This affordable baitcasting reel is perfect if you need to retrieve the reel faster for you to cast another line quickly. It is also easier to slow down a fast gear reel than make a slow-speed coil move faster.

Professional anglers typically prefer this type of baitcasting reel.  This type of fast gear reel is not recommended for those anglers that are new to the fishing world as they would need to have the experience to slow down a quick-speed reel.

Once beginners have mastered using the slow and medium speed reels, then they can use this fast geared baitcasting reel with ease.

What's Included?

Anglers who purchase this product will receive this black and red Piscifun Torrent baitcasting reel with a graphite composite body. The gears of this fishing reel are strengthened by brass and stainless steel.

This baitcasting reel is also set up with shielded and corrosion-resistant bearings to protect it from water chemicals and harmful particles. The manufacturer even made sure that four pieces of premium drag washers made of carbon fiber are affixed to the product to assist in casting or retrieval of the line.

You also have the option to either use more physical power if you happen to catch a big fish, or you need to lessen the pull using a simple switch.

  • Specifications

This Torrent fishing reel model offers a 7.1.1 gear ratio and a maximum pull of 18 pounds, which means that the spool turns seven times every time you turn the handle. You can retrieve a minimum of 30 inches per turn.

If you are using a monofilament, you will get a 10-pound maximum capacity load at a distance of 120 yards. On the other hand, you can get up to a maximum of 30 pounds load capacity in 120 yards if you are using a braided line.

The Torrent baitcaster is very lightweight at eight ounces. It also has an extended handle that measures four and ⅓ inches and fitted with knobs that are made with the sturdy EVA material.

  • Effective Brakes

Five magnets are cleverly placed and arranged to enhance the magnetic effect on the aluminum spool, providing accurate and useful backlash control. These magnetic brakes, along with the light thumb pressure and spool tension knob, eliminate the tangling of the fishing line.

  • Ease of Maintenance

In this Piscifun reel review, we want you to see that this reel is designed with a quick oil hole found on the side of the plate for simple and easy maintenance. Just remove the screw and pour the oil into the port to lubricate the reel to achieve maximum performance and extended life.

  • Stability

The fishing reel has a double line winding shaft to add strength, stable retrieval of the line, and maximum performance.

  • Handiness

The Piscifun baitcasting reel is available in both left- and right-hand variations for ease of use. There's no issue, even if you are left-handed.


Looking for another option? Check out the SOOLF baitcasting reel, which has similar features as the Torrent. SOOLF is a company established in 1999, aiming to provide high-quality fishing reels so that you can enjoy every fishing activities at an affordable price.

This durable yet lightweight fishing reel is made of a combined aluminum alloy and graphite. It boasts weather-resistant coatings and anti-corrosion materials, making it perfect for fishing adventures in any weather.

The three pieces of drag washers provide 17.5 pounds of carbon fiber drag capacity, which is suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishes. Efficient fishing is easily achieved with this silent and quick-retrieve fishing reel. It uses a seven-magnet brake system with a 25-point adjustment for smooth and accurate casting.

This fishing reel is available for both right and left-handed orientation, so anyone can use it without any trouble. The lightweight aluminum spool, the strengthened brass gears, and the soft handle made of EVA materials ensure that you only have one of the best fishing experiences ever.

Final Verdict

This Piscifun reel review shows that the Torrent is still much better from the fishing reel from SOOLF. The Torrent has four pieces of drag washers as compared to the three from SOOLF, which means that the Torrent can perform better.

Although SOOLF has more magnets used for the brake system, the Torrent is fitted with double line-winding shafts for stronger and more stable line retrieval.

The two fishing reels also differ in their maximum load capacity. Although it is only a half-pound difference, the impact it can make during the actual fishing trip is much greater than a mere half-pound.

We can say that the Torrent fishing reel is more reliable and stable compared to the one from SOOLF. Now, all you need to do is find the best fishing reel oil so that you can begin your fishing adventure.

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