Piscifun Aoka Fly Fishing Reel Review

By Richard | Fishing Reel Reviews

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  • Great drag system; easy to learn
  • Helps catch big fishes
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Reliable brand name
  • Risk-free purchase
  • Quality construction


  • Limiting for experienced fishers
  • Some durability issues

Flying fishing reels come in many sizes, constructions, varieties, and styles. No matter what type of fly fishing reel you want to experiment with, you can probably find it by searching through all of the reels on the market.

One reel that you might come across is the Piscifun Aoka Fly Fishing Reel. This is an interesting choice of reel, and it’s a reel that has a lot of favorable reviews.

However, does that mean it will be a good fit for your needs? Today’s review will help you find that answer!

Piscifun Aoka Fly Fishing Reel

The Piscifun Aoka Fly Fishing Reel is a machined fly fishing reel which is available at an affordable price from one of the most popular fishing gear manufacturers. This is just one of the many products they offer to fishers not just in Minnesota and other US states, but around the world.

Who Is This Product For?

The Piscifun Aoka Fly Fishing Reel is a reel manufactured for those who are only going to use it a couple of times or for those who are still getting their bearings in the world of fly fishing.

While it is durable enough to be used for more than just a few outings, the features aren’t as advanced as an experienced fisher who is going out multiple times a week would want. Still, the reel packs an impressive build that will work great for beginners, as well as intermediate level fly fishers.

This reel is also great for those who will be fishing in freshwater or saltwater. That is because the design of this particular fly reel doesn’t lend itself to one better than the other.

What’s Included?

This reel comes with a reusable storage bag which you can to keep your reel in when you are not using it. The package also comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty.

Overview of Features

The Aoka Fly Fishing Reel from Piscifun has a CNC-machined frame which means that it has ultra-precise cuts made into ultralight aluminum alloy materials. The frame is incredibly lightweight and well balanced.

The spool of this particular reel is diecast. While diecast reels have a somewhat bad reputation for being cheap, the spool on this reel is more mid-range. The spool is both lightweight and sturdy, and it can hold many yards of the line without issue.

The standout feature of the Aoka is the Teflon disc drag system which is housed inside its machined frame. This drag allows you to handle larger fishes.

The reel has a one-way cloth, quick engagement, and very smooth retrievals. Overall, it’s very ergonomic and easy to use even for any beginners.

The cork and Teflon drag system employed in this reel is a click drag and silent retrieve system. While some like sound on both ends, the difference in sound can help you to become a better and more nuanced fisher as you gain more experience about what those sounds mean, how to react, and how to use them to your advantage.

Many fly fishing reels at this price point have a mid-arbor design. While large arbor designs are available at higher price points, the mid-arbor may be more appealing to many.

That is because you can use them in fresh, warm, or saltwater conditions without a lot of issues. This reel can reliably help bring in trout, bluegill, and more.

There is also a relatively over-sized handle on this reel, which makes it easy to reel in fast. Paired with the mid-arbor design, even fast swimming fishes can't escape you if you use the right techniques. Still, a larger arbor would likely be needed if you’re go trolling in the high seas.

How to Clean a Fly Fishing Reel

One of the most important things you will need to learn about your reel is how to clean it. While being great at casting and retrieving is going to be important for your day-to-day enjoyment of fishing, your long-term success and fun experience will depend on whether or not your reel is usable when you want to use it.

If you don’t clean your reel, water, salt, dirt, and other materials can cause certain parts of the reel to degrade. As those parts degrade, you will notice a significant dip in how well the reel works. Hence, you need to learn how to clean your fly fishing reel.

This video does a great job of showing you how easy it is to properly maintain a fly fishing reel:

That is not the type of cleaning you need to do every single time you use your reel. For daily cleaning, just make sure to rinse your reel in fresh water after using it, and let it dry before it goes into storage. Then, use that video every few weeks to keep your reel in good shape.


If you’re looking for a higher end fly fishing reel, the Piscifun Crest Fully Sealed Fly Fishing Reel from the same company is another great option. It has better drag, sturdiness, and overall construction.

If you want to choose something comparable from a different brand, the Sougayilang Fly Fishing Reel is a CNC cut, lightweight aluminum alloy fly fishing reel.


Overall, we’ve found that the Piscifun Aoka Fly Fishing Reel is a great choice for anyone who is looking to have a great experience while fly fishing for the first time. This is also suited for those who want a cheap reel to practice with.

This reel is not for the intermediate or expert fly fisher as it doesn’t have the durability or features that you would want at that level. Nonetheless, it does still work very well as a fly fishing reel for those who want an affordable backup reel or just another reel to try out.

If this isn’t the reel for you, don’t forget that Piscifun has many other reels at all price points and feature levels, so you can probably find something else you like within their tackle box!

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