Lews Fishing Reel Review

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lews fishing reel review
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  • Impressive size and weight
  • Long-distance cast
  • 100% anti-reverse
  • Budget-friendly


  • Too smooth for a tight grip
  • Need to recheck settings

If you wish to invest in a quality fishing reel so you can enjoy every fishing adventures in the future, then read this Lews fishing reel review. This product is one of the many fishing reels that are specifically created to endure hard work. This smooth and adjustable fishing reel can cast a line as far as a mile away.

It has impressive brakes and an excellent drag. The aluminum and other sturdy materials used to create this product make it strong and durable. This fishing reel is the best choice if you wish to enjoy all your fishing expeditions.

Lews Fishing Reel Review

This affordable and efficient fishing reel is part of Lew's American Hero Program, which promises to give a portion of its profits to support and help organizations that honor American veterans. Part of its program is to provide outdoor recreational activities for veterans, like fishing.

This fishing reel from Lews is made of black plates combined with a plated aluminum material, making it a lightweight gear for all your fishing adventures. It has eight double-sided stainless steel bearings that allow it to operate smoothly.

The outer braking system was accurately designed to let you use the system in all types of weather. The blue spool, combined with its black knobs, can get anyone's attention.

Who Is This Product For?

This fishing reel is suitable for those who are budget-conscious but like to go on fishing adventures and have fun. This one-piece and lightweight product is sturdy, which makes it a suitable companion in every fishing adventure.

It has the right weight that will not tire you out even if you use it all day. It's the perfect reel for those who are just beginning to learn baitcasting.

This product is not the kind that you use for tournaments since this is not a high-end fishing reel. Although its maximum load capacity is sufficient for ordinary bass fishing, it cannot handle a more massive fish that exceeds 10 pounds.

What's Included?

You get this beautifully crafted Lew's blue and black fishing reel upon purchase.

Overview of Features

  • Lightweight

The fishing reel is made of side plates and graphite frame, making it lightweight and easy to haul around. Its trendy look makes it distinct from other fishing gears.

  • Magnetic Control System

The dial of the external braking system is conveniently found on the outer plate for easy access. This magnetic control system is easy to foretell in any weather. It can also keep backlashes from happening, as it regulates the spool tension.

The handle is cleverly placed to prevent it from getting sticky due to saltwater. For the same reason, make sure to lubricate the braking system after each use.

  • Casting Control

The anodized aluminum knob is supported by bearings. It is easy to handle, and you’d be able to familiarize your hand with it fairly quickly.

  • Rulon Drag System

This fishing reel is robust, durable, and created to cater to your fishing needs. The coil may be comfortably light, but it can give you a 10-pound drag power. Through the use of durable materials and the latest technology, you can comfortably hold this durable and robust fishing reel.

  • Speed Gears

The speed gears are accurately cut using a first-rate Hanai machine for smoother cranking power, making the gears last longer.

  • Removable Sideplate

The side plate on this fishing reel is easy to remove, so there's no hassle in changing the spool.

  • Other Features

Aside from the abovementioned features, this product has other aspects worth taking note of, such as plated aluminum spool, solid brass crankshaft and main gear, and Zirconia line guide.


Choosing the right fishing reel for your adventures can be confusing if you don't have an idea of what the product is offering. To give you more options, we will introduce other products that are quite similar to what we have featured here.

Palm Fishing Baitcasting Reel

Let's take a closer look at Palm Fishing Baitcasting Reel. This round baitcasting reel has spool and side plates made from strengthened hard-plated aluminum material. Its brass gears are precisely cut by a machine.

The stainless steel worm gear, shaft, and other elements contribute to the product's protection against corrosion. It has several ball bearings that make the operation smooth. This fishing reel will give you the tools that you will need to catch big fish.

Abu Garcia Fishing Reel

We would also like to check the Abu Garcia fishing reel. Like the other fishing reels that we have reviewed, it also comes in a one-piece graphite frame. It has five ball bearings, plus one roller bearing, that are all made of stainless steel.

It also boasts of other features like a power disk drag system, MagTrax brake system, Duragear brass gear, EVA handles, and an aluminum spool.

Kalex Spinning Reel

Another product that is worth checking out is the Kalex Spinning Reel. It has 10 ball bearings and an additional one for its anti-reverse function. These bearings provide the smoothness you need in every cast and retrieval activities.

The body and rotor of this fishing reel are made of graphite, while the spool is made of aluminum. This combination adds durability to the fishing reel without adding extra weight. The spool is braided-ready, so you only need to tie the line directly to it. The design was created to deliver performance in every fishing expedition.


This Lews fishing reel review proves that a product need not be expensive to be good. This affordable fishing reel provides us with the right weight and size with an assurance that it can perform long-distance casts.

If you are looking to purchase a fishing reel that can catch big fishes, then you can give this product a shot. However, there will be times that you need to recheck the reel's settings to ensure that it is still within your preferences. Also, getting a tight grip on the handle proves to be a bit hard due to the smoothness of the handle.

If you are still confused about what you need to buy for that upcoming fishing trip, you may also check our review about Plueger President fishing reel. It offers more grip and durability.

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