Ecooda HS15000 Fishing Reel Review

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ecooda reel review
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  • Can handle big fish
  • High-quality construction
  • Seamless performance
  • Not vulnerable to seawater
  • Three-year warranty


  • The handle can take some time getting comfortable with
  • The lubrication port could overfill the body

There are pretty diverse fishing reels on the market, but only a handful of models tend to be sturdy enough to last for years. For those who fish in wetter conditions, durability and quality are all the more critical. That said, as is typical of everything in the world, quality almost always comes with a price.

If you’re a passionate angler, you can perhaps shell out some money for those high-end products of the surf crowd. The performance that these costly products deliver somewhat justifies their price. This Ecooda reel review focuses on the HS15000 model for you to decide whether or not it's worthy of an investment.

Ecooda Reel Review

Ecooda is a company that specializes in fishing gear like reels, rods, and lures. The products are made in China and sold throughout the world.

The Ecooda Fishing Reel HS15000 is a saltwater fishing reel that is part of the company's Hornet series that comes in sizes 6000 to 15000. You can attach it to a fishing rod when fishing in deep-sea or even on the turf. This is more on the high-end spectrum of the fishing gear, and it has been around for some years now, but there have been no major upgrades since its release.

Who Is Ecooda Fishing Reel HS15000 For?

This fishing reel is for the most serious anglers out there, not just because of the price tag but because of the features it offers. Those who have been fishing for some time will be able to get the best out of them.

This is a saltwater fishing reel, which means it is ideal for those who like to fish in the deep sea. Therefore, it is more suited for anglers who have at least some surf experience.

After all, the Ecooda Fishing Reel HS15000 is pretty heavy-duty and sealed. With a waterproof body and rotor, this can be great for fishing in virtually any type of water.

Those who fish primarily out of the wash can do with something less expensive. Their reel is perhaps not exposed to water as often, let alone saltwater. 

What’s Included?

The Ecooda Fishing Reel HS15000 comes almost ready-to-use with the T-style jigging handle, made from similar quality aluminum as used in the body of the reel. It also comes with a neoprene case for storing and carrying.

Overview of Features

Here are the things that this reel can offer:

  • Construction and Design

The Ecooda Fishing Reel HS15000 has an aluminum alloy body, handle, and rotor. The reel has an O-ring sealed body to prevent any water from getting inside the reel. The seal between the bearing and main shaft's rotor makes this model the closest to a watertight reel.

The oscillation gear is all brass, and the crown gear is made with a casting metal. In addition to these, the gear, gear shaft, gear lever, and slider are all stainless steel.

There are 7+1 precision stainless steel ball bearings and stainless steel roller bearing. The gear ratio of this reel is 4.1:1.

  • Efficiency

The reel offers a drag of 66 pounds, which is massive for a fishing reel partly because of the carbon fiber friction system. It also features an instant anti-reverse system.

In case the one-way bearing fails, the anti-reverse system engages automatically. The main shaft has a 6.5-millimeter diameter, which is quite big.

  • Durability

The line roller of the Ecooda Fishing Reel HS15000 is ceramic, so it will never corrode or rust when fishing in saltwater. The bail wire is pretty sturdy with an all-aluminum construction.

It will not flip over, which is one common issue with bails. The handle screws on the reel and is interchangeable.

The titanium casting guide is also high-quality. Virtually all components are made with high-quality materials to ensure power and stability. 

There is also a lubrication port on the side plate. The spool on this reel has an angled nose and offers a neat twist.

As a result, the line flows out smoothly, and there are minimal wind loops. It looks quite clean as well and will most likely remain that way thanks to its protective features.

How to Get the Most of Your HS15000 Fishing Reel

In order to ensure your fishing reel performs well, you must learn how to maintain it. Here's a helpful video:


The Ecooda reel review cannot be complete without another option, in case you want a different product. If you want to go for something more conventional but one that is similar in terms of power and performance, the KastKing Rover is the answer. It is also a lot more affordable than the heavy-duty Ecooda HS15000.

The KastKing Rover has seen significant improvements recently. It features four stainless steel bearings plus one anti-reverse bearing. Similar to the HS15000, the side plates are made from red anodized aluminum. Other components are mostly stainless, while the shaft is machined brass.

This reel also features a superior quality, carbon fiber drag system. The new Cymbal washer system allows it to offer a drag of up to 30 pounds. That is less than half of what the Hornet series HS15000 offers but still good enough for big game fish.

The t-handle on the KastKing is a bit better and more comfortable in comparison. The gear ratio is 7.2: 1. In terms of size, it is similar to Abu Garcia 7000C, which is very popular among anglers.


The Ecooda Heavy-Duty HS15000 is a powerful and reliable saltwater fishing reel that is the closest thing to a watertight fishing reel. Thanks to its high-quality components, you get an effortless game every time. This will surely last long, given its durable construction and strength.

Even though it is not a very old company, Ecooda reel review indicates it has got a clear winner when it comes to high-quality fishing reels. The price may seem high to some, but its many features justify it.

Some may even say it’s a bargain. There are more expensive models too out there, but this one gives them a run for their money.

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