Best Fly Fishing Reels: The Top Options

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Sure, it’s important to choose a high-quality fly fishing reel, but simply choosing the most expensive reel isn’t going to get you the best fishing experience. In fact, opting for the most expensive reel isn’t even going to be a possibility for most people!

We won’t deny that having a great fly fishing reel is important for getting in a good day in the river, but that doesn’t mean that “great” is defined by “how much it costs.

Rather than focusing on the price, we’ve selected three of the best fly fishing reels that we could find regardless of how much or little they cost.

Comparison Chart

Piscifun Fly Fishing Reel

Sougayilang Fly Fishing Reel

Fishing On The Fly High-Grade Reel

Best Fly Fishing Reels: Brief Reviews

1. Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel

The Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel is a very interesting fly fishing reel option. Made from aluminum alloy, this reel is precision cut with a CNC machine so that it is as balanced, refined, and perfect as possible.

The materials used have a hard, anodized surface which helps to protect the reel from sustaining unnecessary damage and wear. The strength and rigidity of the reel are improved by the cold forged manufacturing method used by the company. Overall, you can expect this reel to make it through even tough weather conditions!

The reel's drag system is one of the best around. It feels very smooth, but you can also take a lot of expert control and tune it to exactly the point that you want.

This is accomplished through a multi-disc blend of both cork and stainless steel in the drag system. O-ring seals were also added to help prevent corrosion.

While the reel is set up to the standard of a left-hand retrieve, it is very easy to switch this to a right-hand retrieve, and Piscifun will walk you through how to do that.


  • check
    Can easily be changed to right-hand retrieve
  • check
    3x stronger than comparable diecast models
  • check
    Available in four different colors and sizes
  • check
    Very lightweight and durable
  • check
    Click-drag easily adjustable


  • Drag system needs to be readjusted frequently
  • Replacing spools can be frustrating
  • Large learning curve

2. Sougayilang Fly Fishing Reel

Next up, we’re going to look at a product made by a Korean-based company that makes great reels. The Sougayilang Fly Fishing Reel is one of their best selling products, and it’s got a lot to offer.

The body of this reel is CNC-machined aluminum alloy. This CNC cut and construction through the light alloy materials make this a reel that feels solid without feeling too heavy. This blend creates a great scenario for easy casting and retrieving.

The aluminum alloy blend is also great in terms of durability even through long-term use. Additionally, the entire real has been given the proper adonizing treatment to help it resist weather damage and other types of corrosion that can happen easily to fly fishing reels.

The resistance on this reel is controlled by a rotary knob system. It is relatively smooth and easy to control. The fiber-composite drag system helps you to control the cast and retrieval exactly as you want to with minimal adjusting.

There is also a one-way roller bearing which ensures you can only drag in a single direction without any issues. Finally, it’s possible to change the handle from left to right by simply removing two nuts, rearranging the pieces, and re-fastening everything again.


  • check
    Stronger than other diecast reels
  • check
    Available in multiple sizes
  • check
    Very adjustable drag options
  • check
    Reliable customer service
  • check
    Five-year warranty
  • check
    Clean, simple cuts


  • Drag uneven at times; needs adjustment
  • Some rough edges on the reel
  • Entry-level reel

3. Fishing On The Fly High-Grade Reel

The Fishing On The Fly High-Grade Reel is a die-cast reel which is a bit different from the other two products we have talked about today. While die-cast doesn’t have as much long-term durability as the machined reels, die-cast has its own benefits.

Die-cast models tend to be more comfortable in the hand and also more resistant to corrosion. Plus, they have a nicer high-gloss finish that many people just love to see when they’re headed out!

Speaking of comfort, the knob is designed to be ergonomic and comfortable to adjust even when you are dealing with cold weather and cold water conditions. You can switch the retrieving hand from left to right, as needed, in less than 10 minutes.

The drag system in this reel is a precision drag system. You can use the knob to make easy and quick adjustments to how much drag you are working with when reeling a fish in. Also, the adjustment knob is sensitive enough to respond to even small actions.


  • check
    Sensitive drag system; easy to adjust
  • check
    Available in different sizes
  • check
    Resistant to corrosion
  • check
    Comfortable to hold
  • check
    Large arbor spool
  • check


  • Not adonized so less resistant to scrapes than other models
  • Clicks in both directions on the retrieve
  • Spool replacement not very intuitive

The Winner

Among the options for the best fly fishing reels we have looked at today, we have found that the Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel is the best choice for most fishing folks who want to have the most reliable fishing reel.

This reel does a great job of hitting a mid-price point and still standing out from many other reels. The quality of the CNC cutting, the smoothing, the weight, and the materials all ensure that this fishing reel has what you are looking for in a reel. Additionally, there are four different color options, so you can sport whatever look you want!

Choosing gear like the best fly fishing reel is hard when you can’t try them all yourself, but we truly believe that the Piscifun option from today’s list is the best of the best, and it’s more than likely that you will be happy to give this one a try in the water on your next fishing adventure!

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