Berkley C Series Crappie Rod Review

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Berkley C Series Crappie Rod
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Quick Overview






  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • Responsive
  • High strength to weight line guides
  • Easy to carry and travel with
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy to handle
  • Economical
  • Good for beginners


  • Not as sensitive as a one-piece
  • Lacks precision

Have you been trying to catch crappie, but things just don’t seem to be working out for you?

Well, as much as fishing is about patience and using the right technique, it’s also about having the best equipment.

As you’ll soon find out after reading this Berkley C Series Crappie Rod review, you need not look any further than this pro spinning rod for the best equipment.

With its brilliant features and build, it’ll be your favorite fishing partner.

Whether you are starting out or have been at it for years, this Berkley rod will be a great addition to your fishing arsenal.

Berkley C Series Crappie Rod Review

The Berkley Fishing Company was founded way back in 1937 in Spirit Lake, Iowa, by a young boy, Berkley Bedell, with whom the company is named after.

The company believes in establishing strong relationships with its partners, and it is easy to see that this practice paid off big time.

What started with just hand-made flies for local tackle shops has now expanded into an international business with a wide range of fishing products.

In this review, we’d take a close look at the Berkley C-Series Crappie Rod.

Still, aside from fishing rods, you’d find that Berkley also offers lines, baits, and many other tools and equipment designed to make fishing enthusiasts happy.

Berkley started producing fishing rods in the 1960s. Since then, they have come out with numerous makes and models.

The Berkley C-Series Crappie Rod is a spinning rod, which is great for beginners and experts alike.

Generally, spinning rods like these, along with a spinning reel, are best suited for casting lightweight lures and baits.

Moreover, you can use a spinning rod for most of your fishing techniques without any problem.

The carbon graphite construction of this Berkley rod gives it that strength and durability while also keeping it lightweight.

With the stainless steel line guides, you can forget about any tangled or snapped lines, too.

What’s more, if you’re worried about holding the rod for endless hours, the EVA foam handle will keep your hand comfy.

In this review, we’ll be discussing the 14 feet rod that comes in three pieces.

However, if you want something smaller or perhaps just a one-piece rod, you can check out the 6.5 or 10 feet rod in the Berkley C-Series Spinning Rod, as well.

Who Is This Product For?

There are many different kinds of fishing rods, such as surf rods, trolling rods, and fly rods. Some are good for fishing in the sea, while others are best for aiming for a larger catch.

Now, this is where the Berkley C-Series Crappie Rod really comes in handy.

As a spinning rod, it has quite a bit of versatility. This means it’s perfect for people who like to fish in a variety of different locations and circumstances.

Furthermore, even though it can suit a person of any skill level, this Berkley spinning rod is fantastic for beginners.

As compared to other types of rods, this spinning one is much easier to handle for first-timers. They can use it anywhere they want and quickly master their technique.

Additionally, for beginners, this Crappie rod is more comfortable to use, as well, thanks to its EVA foam handle.

There are fewer chances of any line problems thanks to the titanium line guides, too.

Therefore, if you’re just starting out in fishing and want to learn quickly, this Berkley C-Series Crappie Rod will be your best bet.

Other than that, this spinning rod is also a great choice for those who have to fish in windy conditions.

The spinning rod is designed to help you avoid that backlash effect during windy weather.

If you’ve done a bit of research on what’s available in the market, you might have noticed that these spinning rods aren’t exactly inexpensive.

However, the Berkley C-Series Crappie Rod is pretty economical and perfect for those who want a good rod but don’t have the budget for it.

Despite all its benefits, this Berkley rod isn’t known for its precision or accuracy. Therefore, if you are looking for those elements, then this spinning rod is not the one for you.

What’s Included?

The Berkley C-Series Crappie Rod weighs less than 10 pounds, so you don’t need to expect a very heavy package arriving on your door when you order it.

Moreover, the product measures 61 x 6 x 5 inches before you assemble it. Since this is a three-piece spinning rod, it’ll measure 14 feet once you’ve assembled it.

Furthermore, this Berkley spinning rod is simply available just as it is, which means it does not come with any additional pieces or tools.

Therefore, if you’re also looking for a spinning reel to go along with this spinning rod, you’ll have to buy it separately.

Overview of the Features

Coming to the most exciting part of this review, we’ll now be discussing its excellent features.

Made using carbon graphite fibers, this Berkley spinning rod is incredibly strong and durable. You can expect this rod to last you a while without the tip snapping off or any other performance issue.

Moreover, with all that durability, you’d expect this rod to be super heavy-duty, as well. Yet, thankfully, the spinning rod is quite lightweight at the same time so that you can easily handle it.

The unique construction also makes this rod quite responsive and sensitive so that you waste no time in reeling in your catch.

Along the rod, there are several stainless steel line guides that get smaller as you get nearer to the tip. These durable guides ensure that your line stays close to the rod and, therefore, easier to manage.

Fishing for hours at a time can be quite tiring, especially if the rod is not comfortable to handle. Luckily, the Berkley spinning rod has an EVA foam handle that is easy to grip for long periods without tiring your hand.

It also offers much better control over the rod for quick action.

The 14 feet length is great for covering longer distances and a wider area.

Now, if you’re worried about how you are going to carry that long rod, we’ve got some good news for you.

The three-piece construction makes this product easy to carry wherever you want. However, this design does make it a tad less sensitive than other one-piece rods.

Other than that, this spinning rod is not the most accurate one in the market. If you want that precision in your rod to aim your bait in a specific spot, a casting rod would be better.

How to Use the Berkley C-Series Crappie Rod

One of the best things about the Berkley C-Series Crappie Rod is that it’s super easy to use.

For seasoned anglers, assembling and setting up this spinning rod should take around five to 10 minutes. However, for beginners, it can take up a bit more time.

To use this rod, you need a reel and line to go with it first. Once you’ve got those, you can start setting up this rod.

First, you’ll have to attach all the three pieces of the spinning rod. You can simply push the pieces together as there isn’t any complicated procedure for it.

After that, you want to attach the reel to the rod and tighten the reel seat until the reel is firmly fixed.

The next step is to spool your fishing line onto the reel. For this, you have to tie a knot on the reel first and then spin the reel until you’ve got enough line.

After this, you have to pass the line through the rest of the rod through the line guides.

Lastly, tie the line to a bait, and your Berkley C-Series Crappie Rod is all ready to cast.


Everyone has their own preferences and taste, so it could be that you weren’t really convinced by this Berkley C Series Crappie Rod review.

Therefore, we’ve decided to present some alternatives that hopefully will better suit your needs.

If you already like the Berkley C-Series rods but don’t precisely like this 14 feet one, you can consider the other models in this series.

There are shorter one-piece models, such as the 6.5 feet spinning rod, which has much better sensitivity due to the continuous one-unit construction.

Other than that, it has all the same features as this spinning rod.

On the other hand, if you want something other than Berkley but within the same price range, we suggest taking a look at the Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod.

This spinning rod has a high-quality construction that makes it durable and delivers excellent performance.

Similar to the Berkley rod, it is perfectly suitable for beginners and experts alike.

The rod is built using graphite to give it that strength as well as keep it lightweight and sensitive.

Moreover, there are stainless steel line guides along the rod to prevent any friction between the line and rod.

The rod also has cork handles, which not only look great but also feel super comfy and easy to grip.


As mentioned several times in our C-Series Crappie Rod review, this rod is a great starting rod for beginners. However, it is equally fantastic for experts as well.

Indeed, it is versatile enough to be used anywhere. The three-piece construction makes it quite portable, too.

Additionally, considering the rod’s price and performance, you can guarantee that you’d get excellent value for your money.

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