13 Fishing Inception Baitcast Reel Review

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13 fishing inception review
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  • Firm gripping system
  • Smooth and strong drag
  • Even retrieval of the spool
  • Great for both freshwater and saltwater fishing
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Six-way braking system
  • Two gear options
  • Resistant to corrosion


  • Unsecure side plate; risk of dropping in water is high

In the mood for a fishing trip? Want to test the waters with a new reel? You’re in luck because this in-depth 13 Fishing Inception review will evaluate if this baitcast reel is worth a spin or not.

13 Fishing Inception Review

The 13 Fishing brand is known for designing some fantastic fishing reels, rods, and gear. Available at a fairly reasonable price, not only is this particular Inception model more affordable than most 13 Fishing reels, but it also comes with great features and high performance.

Who Is the 13 Fishing Inception Reel For?

Designed for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, the 13 Fishing Inception Reel is great for all sorts of fishers. That said, if this is your first time using a baitcasting reel, you may struggle a little at the start.

What’s Included?

Part of the 13 Fishing low profile baitcasting reels line, the Inception reel is available with two gear options. For slow, controlled retrieves, you can go with 6.1:1. While, for more speed, you can opt for the 8.1:1 option. Furthermore, you can choose to get both options in the left- or right- hand retrieve depending on your use.

Overview of Features

The 13 Fishing Inception Baitcast Reel has a lot to offer, so let's take a look at its key features and why each feature is important.

  • Aluminum Frame

Built with high-density aluminum material, the frame of this reel is quite strong and resists corrosion. Also, with its graphite side plates, the structure has more rigidity. What is better is that even after the additional weight of the graphite side plates, the Inception still weighs approximately 6.9 ounces

  • Six-Way Centrifugal Braking System

The six-way centrifugal braking system on this reel allows you to control the braking pressure of your reel up to six levels. We advise against changing the brake pressure while in water, though, since the risk of dropping the side plate is high. That can be a costly mistake, so better be safe than sorry.

For beginners, we suggest setting up the pressure at levels four or five. On the other hand, more experienced fishers who wish to cast their line farther can set the brake force to around two.

  • Japanese Hamai Cut Gearing 

The Japanese Hamai Cut gearing comprises three types of bearings, which are two bearings, five bearings, and one bearing. The first type of bearings is resistant to corrosion. This feature makes saltwater fishing easier.

While five bearings are made of good quality, Japanese stainless steel. Lastly, the single bearing comes with an instant stop anti-reverse to allow for a smooth, easy hook whenever you fish.

  • ArrowHead Casting System

This feature ensures the even retrieval of your spool. It also allows you to cast over more considerable distances without hassles. With this reel, you can cast your line with accuracy and precision.

  • EVA Tech Knobs

The foam grips or the large EVA Tech Knobs not only provide a firm grip while retrieving but also provide comfort to the user. If you intend on fishing all day long, then with this reel, you don’t have to worry about retrieval discomfort. Additionally, the EVA Tech Knobs provide an excellent grip even in wet environments.

  • Drag

The 13 Fishing Inception Baitcast Reel has oversized drag washers that provide drag force of up to 18 pounds. What is better is that you can simply adjust the drag using the star drag on the side of the reel. With such a strong drag force, you can easily pull up a large size fish with this reel.

How to Adjust the Braking System

Adjusting the 13 Fishing Inception Reel's braking system is a fairly simple task. All you need to do to access the braking system is to pull the lever found at the back of the reel. You then have to pull out the side plate to adjust the settings. If you’re still having trouble adjusting the braking system, check out this video for more help.


If you’re looking for a reel with a similar price and great features, but want to try a different brand, then Daiwa is a good option to start with. Particularly the Daiwa Goldcast Spincast Reel.

This reel allows users to experience great features at a reasonable price. Similar to the 13 Fishing Inception, this reel is also available to accommodate both left- and right-handed users. Moreover, the anti-reversal system built into this reel stops the crank from turning in the opposite direction.

As the 13 Fishing Inception review showed, the smoothness of retrieval and drag are crucial. This model, too, provides great mechanisms for smooth retrieval and packs a steady drag pressure.

The multi-disk drag on the Daiwa, allows you to hook and drag your catch onboard easily. Additionally, the oscillating pools stop the reel from bunching up when you’re retrieving it.

In comparison, though, this reel weighs a lot more the 13 Fishing Inception Reel. At 9.9 ounces, this reel can be a bit heavy. If your wrist gets tired and you feel discomfort easily, this may not be suitable for you. Also, this reel comes with only one gearing option; 4:1:1. So, you’re somewhat limited in terms of the gearing options available.

Final Verdict

While both reels provide promising features, the 13 Fishing Inception Baitcast Reel shines brighter in comparison. The model offers a wider variety of features at a reasonable price. Additionally, the Inception Reel allows users more control while they fish.

This lightweight, yet sturdy reel packs a smooth retrieval and drag system, while the braking system allows you to control the braking pressure. This gives you more control over your reel as you fish. Likewise, the bearing system on this reel is corrosion resistant and allows for smooth use.

We hope this 13 Fishing Inception review helped you find a reel to accompany you on your next fishing trip.

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